News Release | Environment Arizona Research & Policy Center

New Report: Arizona Ranks #1 in the Nation in Solar Power

Today, Environment Arizona Research & Policy Center released Lighting the Way: What We Can Learn from America’s Top 12 Solar States, a new report highlighting a solar energy boom across the country. The report ranks Arizona #1 in the nation per capita for solar installations.

News Release | Environment Arizona

President Obama’s Climate Plan a Clear Victory for Arizona, Future Generations

Phoenix – Today, President Obama announced a climate plan that will set limits on carbon pollution from power plants, advance energy efficiency and increase the nation’s commitment to renewable energy. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, devastating wildfires, and record drought, the president’s plan to address global warming was loudly applauded by Environment Arizona and many others.

News Release | Environment Arizona

Arizona Corporation Commission Voting to Slash Solar

Today outside the Arizona Corporation Commission, environmentalists, faith organizations and business leaders from around the state gathered in opposition to major cuts in solar power and spoke out against a proposal set forth by Commissioner Gary Pierce that would reduce the state’s renewable energy standard.

News Release | Environment Arizona

Corporation Commission Voting to Slash Solar in Arizona

Arizona’s Corporation Commission, the publicly elected body that regulates the state’s investor-owned utilities, is considering a proposal to lower the state’s renewable energy standard, following last week’s major cuts and eliminations to Arizona’s current solar programs. Solar business leaders and environmental advocates are organizing an event in opposition to these decisions that will severely impact the growth of solar power in Arizona. The media event is being held Wednesday, January 30 at 9:00 AM at the Corporation Commission. There will be an open meeting at 10:00 AM at the Commission following the press event.

News Release | Environment Arizona

President Recommits to Tackling Global Warming in Inaugural Address

Minutes ago, President Obama concluded his second inaugural address. State Advocate of Environment Arizona, Bret Fanshaw, made the following statement in response: