Internships with Environment Arizona

Arizona’s environment is well worth protecting. Home to the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Country in Sedona, and the vast Sonoran Desert, our state’s landscape never ceases to inspire. However, Arizona faces numerous threats and serious choices about its environmental future. We stand on the front lines of the climate crisis with increasing droughts, wildfires, dust storms, and overall heat. With a growing population, we are continually pressed for better ways to sustain our water resources. Many of our state parks have been put at risk of closure and possible privatization. Even the Grand Canyon has been threatened by nearby claims to mine for uranium, an activity that nearly always requires toxic cleanup.

Despite overwhelming public support for environmental protections, many of our political leaders have neglected to stand up for clean air, stopping global warming, open parks, and the wise use of our water resources. Our job at Environment Arizona is to connect this widespread public support for the environment with those in power to make the case for real and positive change at the local, state and federal level.

Environment Arizona is a state‐wide, citizen‐based environmental advocacy organization. Founded in 2007, we have already won substantial victories for Arizona’s environment, including: the passage of Arizona’s renewable energy standard of 15% by 2025, successfully pushing the Obama administration to make 54.5 mpg the standard for cars and light trucks by 2025, and protecting over 1 million acres of land next to the Grand Canyon from uranium mining for the next 20 years.

Programs & Campaigns

Go solar, Arizona!

With the most potential to go solar of any state, Arizona should be the solar capital of the U.S., if not the world. Capturing this clean and virtually limitless source of energy would clean our air, cut global warming pollution and create thousands of jobs statewide. However, we’ve fallen seriously behind in reaching our potential. Right now Arizona gets less than 1% of its energy from renewable energy, including solar. That’s why we’re calling on Arizona to get 10% of its energy from solar by 2020. We’ll be working toward this goal by building support from the public, key cities, and local leaders across the state.

Save our state parks

Arizona has some of the most stunning state parks in the country. From Kartchner Caverns to Lost Dutchman and Slide Rock, state parks embody our natural heritage. These places give children opportunities to play and learn, provide refuge for wildlife, and preserve our iconic western heritage. Unfortunately, state parks have been put on the chopping block in recent years by our state’s leaders like Gov. Jan Brewer. The state has raided over $80 million in dedicated park funds in the last four years,forcing many parks to close and many others to be open only because of short‐term funding and volunteers. Environment Arizona has been working to keep our state parks open and public by protecting dedicated park funds (including money earned at the gate), stopping bad privatization deals and creating long‐term solutions to make sure our park system is strong for the next generation.

Federal campaigns

Environment Arizona is a part of a national federation of 29 state‐based environmental groups, called Environment America. In addition to local and state campaigns, we use our network across the country to win real victories in Washington D.C. This fall we’ll be working with our national federation to protect incentives for clean energy, continue our push to restore the Clean Water Act, and make sure we elect environmentally‐friendly candidates into office.

Tactical Goals

Throughout the semester, we will be working toward a set of tactical goals for each campaign, as instructed by the state advocate. You will receive these and a rough semester plan on your first day. Specific goals will be focused around (but not limited to): coalition letter sign‐ons, media hits, list‐ building for email and social media, communication with coalition members and elected officials, organizing press events, and tracking our issues in the news.

Duties, Expectations & Qualifications: We are looking for current college students who care about our environment and are driven to preserve it for the future. We look for strong leadership skills, academic excellence, problem solving ability, top-notch written and verbal skills, eagerness to learn, and a sense of humor. We have a great training program, so no prior organizing experience is necessary, although if you have some that’s great!

As an Environment Arizona Field Intern, you will be expected to work 10‐15 hours per week on our projects. Internships are unpaid; however, course credit may be available through your university. Interns are expected to meet their basic goals and build on key skills throughout the semester, including: planning, petitioning, coalition building, media work, databasing, advocacy writing, research, and general communications. Dress is business casual. Typical office hours are 9am‐6pm, Monday – Friday (subject to change based on schedules of the advocate and field associate).

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Or contact us directly with your resume and cover letter:

Bret Fanshaw

State Advocate Environment Arizona

130 N. Central Ave., Ste 202 Phoenix, AZ 85004